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4 Classic Signs that It's Time to Ask About Atlanta Floor Refinishing

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Hardwood is a go-to flooring choice for many Atlanta homeowners because it is durable, versatile, sustainable, and very attractive. In general, hardwood floors are also pretty low maintenance. But it's important to keep up with the little bit of maintenance they do require, including periodically sanding and refinishing them.

Why Do You Have to Refinish Floors? Periodically sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is the best way to address superficial changes or damage. This process helps maintain their natural beauty and extend their longevity. 4 Signs It's Time for Atlanta Floor Refinishing It's recommended to refinish hardwood floors every seven to ten years. However, every home and family is unique, so your floors may be able to go a little longer between sandings or may need more frequent attention. The best way to tell when it's time for refinishing is to pay close attention to the condition of your floors. If you notice any of the following signs, it's time to start thinking about refinishing your floors. 1. Lots of Large Scratches Hardwood floors are incredibly resilient, so there's no need to stress over every little scratch and scuff. But lots of large scratches can detract from their appearance and the overall atmosphere of your home. If you notice lots of large scratches or scuffs over a large area, your floors will benefit from refinishing. You can prevent scratches from moving furniture by applying adhesive felt pads on the bottom of each leg. 2. The Color Is Fading Over time, you may start to notice your hardwood floors begin to fade and gradually lose their rich pigment. This is a normal and natural reaction to repeated, long-term exposure to the sun's UV rays. Many homeowners don't realize that UV rays can actually penetrate their home's windows and cause everything from flooring to wall art to fade. If you notice your hardwood floors fading, refinishing can help bring them back to life. 3. Your Floor Appears Dull or Gray Hardwood floors may take on a dull or gray appearance as their protective sealant wears off. This leaves them more susceptible to water damage and should be addressed immediately. 4. You're Bored with Your Current Finishes Even if your floor is not showing extensive signs of wear and tear, you may choose to refinish it if you're bored with the current look. After sanding down floors, a stain can be applied to alter the color of your hardwood floors. This is an easy way to mix things up and make a major transformation without replacing any flooring. Turn to a Professional Atlanta Flooring Contractor If you suspect it's time to refinish your hardwood floors, don't go at it alone. Sanding and refinishing floors require specialized equipment and lots of experience. That's why it's a better idea to call in some professional help from local Atlanta flooring contractors. When you work with professionals, you get radiant, well-protected floors with absolutely no effort required from you.


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