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Keep Your Atlanta Hardwood Floors Shining Like New with These Top Tips

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

One of the reasons so many homeowners love hardwood floors is their glimmering appearance. But sometimes, keeping those hardwood floors shining as brightly as the first time you saw them can be a struggle. Fortunately, adding a few simple steps to your cleaning routine can help you consistently achieve that like-new shine:

A Clean Sweep Cleaning your floors is about more than keeping spots and stains off your floor. By sweeping often, you can keep dirt and dust from dimming your floor’s luster. You can also opt to vacuum your Atlanta hardwood; just make sure to avoid using a standard upright vacuum, which can damage delicate flooring. If you prefer to use a broom, choose one with soft bristles so that you won’t scratch your floor while cleaning it. The way you mop can also affect how shiny your floors stay. For example, you may be tempted to use a lot of water when mopping. But a bright and happy hardwood floor is damp mopped, as standing water can cause damage over time. You should also only use cleaners designated for hardwood floors for the best results.

Go Natural If you like to make your own cleaners, there are plenty of natural ingredients you can use that can give your floor an elegant gloss. To clean your floors, you can start with a simple lemon juice and water solution. Dilute the lemon juice with water to ensure it's not too acidic, then mop away! This mixture comes with the bonus of giving your home a fresh citrus smell rather than a chemical one as well. Once your floor is clean, you can use a combination of oil, white vinegar, and water to give it a natural shine. You can use either vegetable oil or olive oil. This mixture can not only help to restore your hardwood floors, but it can also keep them in excellent condition when used as part of your regular floor cleaning regimen.

Protect and Heal Your Atlanta Hardwood Floors Hardwood floors require care, but taking a few preventive measures to protect your flooring can help keep it in optimal condition with less maintenance. For instance, keep your shoes at the door when you can instead of walking on your hardwood with them. Shoes can track in debris and even scratch an otherwise pristine floor. Strategic rug placement can also help maintain clean hardwood floors. Place runners in high-traffic areas like hallways so they can catch dirt and dust before they wreak havoc on your floor's appearance.

A Fresh Start If you need a fresh start but don’t want to part ways with your current floors, you can try a sanding and refinishing of your floors by a hardwood floor contractor in Atlanta. This option is an excellent way to bring your old floors back to life without breaking the bank. The more effort you put into keeping your hardwood floors clean and protected, the easier it will be to maintain their glow. And by trying these easy tips, you can have the benefit of a more manageable process that leaves you with more time to enjoy those sparkling floors.


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